Mission Statement


The mission of Speech First is to positively impact the communication, developmental, and functional skills of children and their families, one client at a time.


Speech First Therapy Services, LLC


"A therapist's therapist..."

Dr. Dwight is a therapist’s therapist.  She has taught and mentored hundreds of speech therapists in and around Georgia.  I owe her a great deal of credit for helping me to develop my craft beyond simply doing articulation and language therapy.  


Her gift to the profession is in her ability to teach skills that reach beyond the textbook.  She teaches students how to see clients with their hearts and to very quickly make an assessment with the eyes for the sole purpose of seeing potential, rather than limitations.   


“Children are not scores,” I can remember hearing her say.  “Pay attention and you will instinctively know how to reach them” - advice that has served me well in my work.  


Dr. Dwight is a rare gem to the profession of speech-language pathology.   

Terri Gordon, SLP and former student

“…a great resource to the speech community”

Dr. Dwight is a great resource to the speech community. She provides effective and informative staff development on relevant issues and trends in the field of speech-language pathology. Her innovations as a leader and as a practitioner, in tandem with her effective therapeutic skills, makes Dr. Dwight someone who is sought after.


Inez Cox, Speech-Language Pathologist,

City Schools of Decatur


"A phenomenal supervisor..."

Dr. Dwight was a phenomenal supervisor to the graduate students in the university clinic.  She held weekly meetings to discuss our progress with our clients. We were able to get feedback and talk to other students about their clients in order to learn more than we could have if we met individually.  At each meeting, there was an agenda.  After going around to each person to review client progress, ask questions, and determine our next course of action, Dr. Dwight would give us techniques, resources, or articles to review before the next meeting. She would view each person’s full session, and give specific notes for us to utilize in the next session. 


These meetings and her extensive feedback on each session was not required or used by other supervisors.  Dr. Dwight went above and beyond to help us as students, and to help our clients.  She knew it was her responsibility to shape competent speech-language pathologists for the future.  She personally helped me when I didn’t have control of my session.  She came in and taught me how to do therapy, step by step, and my sessions completely changed after that.  She taught me that it is not about all of the new toys or materials.


Therapists can address language skills by using our clinical skills, our bodies and body movements. She also shaped our clinical writing skills and made us feel confident in our clinical expertise. 



Graduate Student 


"very grateful to have had a seasoned professional..."

"A brilliant SLP..."

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dwight! She’s amazing and it’s like she knows everything! A brilliant SLP that is more than willing to share her experiences and expertise with anyone that wants to listen. If you have the chance to work with Dr. Dwight, please don’t take it for granted. I personally have learned so much from her. I’m so blessed to have had her as a professor, supervisor and role model. As my supervisor, she was the most thorough, attentive and patient supervisor I have ever had. After watching sessions, she would give very detailed written feedback. She took the time to help each and every clinician that she supervised by developing our clinical skills and helping to mold us into thoughtful, patient, and fearless clinicians. I know for years to come I’ll be asking Dr. Dwight for her advice!


Debrienne Robinson

2nd Year Graduate Student 


Dr. Debra Dwight was my professor during my undergraduate degree as well as my clinical supervisor during my time as a graduate student at the University of West Georgia. She taught me how to use my own professional judgement as well as my current knowledge of communication sciences and disorders to make differential diagnoses and to individualize my therapy to each of my clients.


Dr. Dwight taught me how to use the tools around me to provide my clients with the most effective and efficient speech-language therapy. I learned how to promote speech and language learning through manipulating the environment of the client to ensure learning is happening in the least restrictive environment. I am very grateful to have had a seasoned professional like Dr. Debra Dwight teach me how to conduct speech-language therapy while also shaping me into the professional that I am.  



Lindsey Crook
Graduate Student

University of West Georgia 

"Not just a speech therapist..."

Dr. Dwight has provided me with so much insight into the growth patterns and the normal expectations with both of my grandkids.  You see, I am a worry wart. I didn’t know to worry about my own kids but with wisdom and having someone around like Dr. Dwight, I am more aware of tools that are available to assist young children with their natural development.


Dr. Dwight provided me with charts to measure the grandkids when they started talking so I would know how many words they should know at what age. She talked me through childhood development and ways to correct bad behavior patterns. She is not just a speech therapist, but a professional that will advise on the overall child’s speech, behavior, and aptitude.

I thank God for her.


Glinda Peek, Grandparent

East Point GA


“a million things that I could say…”


I feel like I improved so much because of Dr. Dwight’s feedback. She watched every session I led and gave immediate functional feedback. One time she even came into my room after my session and demonstrated how therapy should look; I will never forget that. There are a million things that I could say that I learned from Dr. Dwight that truly improved my therapy sessions. Thanks again Dr. Dwight!


Jordan Lamons

SLP Graduate Student at UWG