Speech First Therapy Services offers on location services to several interest groups.


The following are part of our on-going comprehensive services:



Services to preschool children, parents, and staff in pre-K settings, home, and other settings:


  • Preschool Hearing Screenings


  • Preschool Speech and Language Screenings


  • Preschool Speech and Language Assessments


  • Preschool Speech and Language Intervention Services


  • Parent Involvement Services


  • Classroom Teacher Staff Development Services

Services to professional and pre-professional Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs):



  • Praxis II Tutorials – periodic tutoring designed to help professionals navigate the requirements of national assessment. (Continuing education credit currently not available)


  • SLP On Call  –   Periodic staff development designed to provide professionals with life-long learning seminars and tutorials across various topics of the profession.